The Ascension IT team is excellent! We no longer have to waste time trying to figure out what is wrong. The Ascension IT team is just a phone call/text/email away and is patient with non-IT-savvy people. You will not regret your choice to work with Ascension IT!

Exchange Club

Whenever we have a problem, Ascension IT is highly prompt and capable in their response and problem resolution. One particular benefit that we have experienced is Ascension IT’s familiarity with A/E-related work, which has been a significant benefit for our operations. We highly recommend Ascension IT and are very happy with the services they provide for us.

Ray Engineering

Working with Ascension has been great. Their team is knowledgeable and easygoing, and they respond to issues quickly. Other IT firms have never had the response time or dedication that we have experienced with Ascension IT. There is no comparison to the service and follow-up that they provide us.

Ponder Properties

As a customer of Ascension for three years running, we have been consistently pleased with them throughout our entire relationship. Their team is ultra-responsive, flexible to our changing needs, and has shown a willingness to go above and beyond to solve our complex problems in a timely manner. They have allowed me to have peace of mind about our computer security and the knowledge that we are fully protected from compromises.

Percension Wealth Advisors

Ascension IT gives me confidence that my systems are being set up and monitored in a way that best benefits my company and me by being a reliable source to quickly get my questions answered and assist in IT infrastructure planning. I believe Ascension IT has provided my engineering design firm with the optimal setup to keep things running smoothly.

Caprine Engineering

The most significant benefit of being a client of Ascension IT is the level of personal service and attention to detail that I receive. In addition, they are fast and informed and took the time to invest in our professional relationship with them. I have no hesitation recommending Ascension IT to anyone looking for reliable IT services.

Dix.Hite + Partners