Full fortification and access control for your most critical assets

Vigilance is the key to keeping your office IT free from viruses, worms, ransomware, and all other cyberthreats. Fortunately for Alabama businesses, Ascension’s Cybersecurity service prizes vigilance, keeping a watchful eye over our clients’ IT with powerful firewalls, intrusion-detection devices, and anti-malware programs.

We maintain computer network defenses at both the hardware and software level, blocking threats before they corrupt your vital assets. We also monitor web traffic in and out of your company, keep email communications safe with advanced encryption, and maintain and control properly configured access settings.

“Entrust the security of your most important assets
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Ascension’s Cybersecurity solutions include:

  • Network assessments to pinpoint and eliminate potential vulnerabilities
  • The detection and deletion of suspicious files with powerful antivirus software before they enter your system
  • The blocking of unauthorized access to your network with advanced firewalls
  • Restricted employee access to suspicious websites with enterprise-grade content filtering tools