Managed Services

All of your IT professionally managed for a fixed monthly fee

Are technology problems creating unpredictable costs for your company? Are you worried your systems or your critical business data aren’t as secure as they should be? With a Managed Services plan from Ascension IT, you can rest easier knowing that, for a fixed monthly fee, every facet of your IT is being monitored and maintained around the clock.

From computers and servers to networking equipment and cybersecurity systems, Managed Services from Ascension ensure the peak daily performance of your whole IT environment. Our plans are built on a proactive, preventative maintenance strategy and an “immediate resolution” approach to any issues that do arise.

“Ascension IT’s Managed Services cover every inch of your IT infrastructure.”

Here’s what Ascension’s Managed Services mean for your business:

  • Enhanced Productivity – less downtime and fewer distractions mean more work gets done
  • Increased Conversions – close more deals when you’re not fumbling with faulty technology
  • Simplified Budgeting – a fixed monthly fee covers your every need
  • Safeguarded Assets – 24/7 protection of your hardware, software, and data
  • Peace of Mind – always know your IT is in good order