Feature-rich telephony delivered over the internet

Ascension IT’s VoIP phone systems are easy to install and work right out of the box. Whether you run a single small office with just a handful of employees or a large corporation with multiple locations and hundreds of users, VoIP phone systems is an easily scalable way to seamlessly connect your workforce and deliver big boosts in productivity.

With rich multimedia features like desktop sharing and HD video conferencing, collaboration has never been easier — no matter where your team is located. Plus, it’s all delivered through the internet service you’re already paying for. Ascension IT can make your migration from legacy landlines to VoIP a breeze.

“Feature-rich VoIP phone systems from
Ascension IT offer greater capabilities
at minimal costs for businesses of any size.”

The benefits of Ascension IT’s VoIP phone services include:

  • Simple scalability – easily add or subtract users with software-based telecom
  • Convenience – we can migrate your communications without disturbing your workflow
  • Predictability – regular, stable billing and always-on service
  • Improved mobility – connect to calls, voicemails, and web conferences from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device
  • Efficiency – VoIP unifies your communications — your emails, faxes, virtual meetings, and more — into a single system